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Everything You Need To Know About Coastal Décor

There is just something about feeling the grittiness of the sand between your toes and smelling the salt water in the air that seems to bring peace to the mind and soul. Nevertheless, we all know during the winter that may not be possible. Therefore, why not transform your home into the oasis of your dreams with just the right amount of décor. While many will think this can only be achieved through expensive décor, we are here to share that is not the case. You can have your coastal dream easily created with these tips and tricks we will share below.

Go Vibrant

The key to using vibrant color is using a multiple color selection and allowing them to make the statement they are intended to make at once.

Vibrant colors are quite iconic to the coastal décor, they bring vitality, awaken the space and help the home feel sort of “vacation-like.” From vivid pinks that can be found in Hawaiian sand, daring greens that reflect off of palm trees and rich blues that bring that beautiful watery hues inspiration is not only endless, but it works exceptionally well to have a multitude of these colors and work them seamlessly everywhere you feel needs a bit of something extra.

Channel Greenery

Another excellent factor about plants is they help purify your air as well while adding beautiful hues of green.

Where would coastal décor be without an added hint of greenery? Greenery is quite important, and we are absolutely loving it, not only is it a big part of coastal décor but it has been proven to be excellent for mood-boosting. For a bold effect go for large green plants that make a statement on their very own.

Layered Neutrals

If you want to reawaken your neutrals consider adding bits of pastel. Hints of pastel will bring beauty while still being simple and similar to the neutrals.

Whoever said neutrals weren’t fun has never met a beach home in their life. An all-white room near the beach is always a blissful idea, but in order to prevent it from feeling flat, you want to add other neutrals that bring beauty and a sense of texture to the space. Work with hues of sand, browns, beige and off white.

Open up the Windows

Sheer curtains not only come in white or beige they come in multiple different colors that you can choose from depending on the colors you’re already working with.

Sheer curtains are a great way to add a window treatment that helps give the room an “open” aesthetic. Moreover, this helps you have an open feel to the room without taking away from your décor. They provide some sort of privacy while still having an airy and light quality to it.

Keep the Kitchen Open

An open floor plan in the kitchen works exceptionally well because it allows you to work in the same hues you might have throughout the entire home.

The key to coastal décor is an open floor plan display; therefore, you want to keep the area open yet allow it to flow throughout. Ensure the room feels put together yet feels unique in its own manner.

Mix up the Patterns

Nothing screams coastal quite like the color navy; therefore, have your repetitive pattern showcased in hues of navy to bring that stark coastal appeal.

Pattern is one of the greatest ways of bringing versatility and color to a room. The key is having a blend of them that come in the same color in order to have that cohesiveness that is grand and open all at once. Work within the color scheme to put together a decor that makes sense and has a charming aspect to it.

Bring on the Porch

Add pillows to your swing to bring an upgraded look that feels cozy and allows you to add additional color and pattern.

One thing about coastal homes is how relaxing they feel from the very first moment you spot them. This will start from the very first time you step on their porch. With that being said, add a swinging bed or swing to make the porch feel put together yet calming.

Place your Seating

A circular form of seating is great for an intimate yet relaxed feel perfect for coastal decor.

Uniquely Beach house traditionally require impromptu meetings which means the seating should be more laidback and less “heavy” consider having multiple accent chairs that bring extra seating and beauty to the room.

Take Comfort Outside

The more comfortable your deck feels the more often you will want to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun. Additionally, for that coastal feel add shades of blue and red for a beautiful pairing.

Instead of having traditional deck chairs go for a comfortable display instead. You want to ensure your display feels sort of like an extension to your living room, for that put together yet laidback aesthetic. Add cushions or even an accent table for an easy seating that simply- works!

Wallpaper Galore

Your wallpaper will reflect how the room feels throughout. Match your wallpaper to your decor to bring the space full-circle.

If there’s one place in the home that tends to work extremely well with wallpaper is the powder room. Powder rooms allow décor to feel grand because of their smaller size. Therefore, adding a bold wallpaper is the perfect form of bringing appeal to the room in a big way. Go for a colorful piece that is welcoming yet coastal and fun.

Are you in love with coastal décor as much as we are? If so, how are you incorporating it into your home? Share with us your ideas below.


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