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Classic Parisian Apartment Has a Fish Tank as a Bar and a Crate Style Kitchen

When we think of classic Parisian apartments, we envision layers of traditional furniture against heavily detailed white walls and beautifully inlaid wood flooring. And while many Parisian apartments might look like this, Art Buro took a different approach to their interior design by first painting the walls a soft shade of contemporary grey and then filling the home with modern day designs such as this amazing crate style kitchen.
1-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
The industrial influence of the kitchen is picked up on the wide plank herringbone floor that reminds me of pallet wood, however industrial design is not the aim and the wishbone chairs in the dining area, contemporary lighting and marble backsplash keep the kitchen feeling fresh and now.

2-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
In the living room, the grey walls and herringbone floor continue, as does the marble via the fireplace. Black is introduced within the coffee tables and bar, and here too the lighting is contemporary and fun. What is most surprising about both this room and the kitchen is the lack of color, hardly noticeable with all the unique and interesting design choices that Art Buro curated.
3-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
I love how Art Buro used a fish tank as a bar. Definitely out of the box thinking even though the bar is actually inside the glass box.
4-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
While the kitchen and living area are monochromatic in design, the bedroom punches it up with bold splashes of blue.
5-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
The blue stained cabinet on one side of the bed when opened up becomes a home office, filled with everything you might need, but when closed up tight the room is all about a good nights sleep.
6-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
Across from the bed is a stand-alone wardrobe designed as efficiently as possible to hold as many clothes as possible.
7-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
Large seaside paintings continue the theme of blue as does the plaid upholstered bed frame.
8-classic-parisian-apartment-contemporary -interior-design.jpg
The kitchen is positioned between the bedroom and dining area.
Art Buro.
Photos courtesy of Art Buro.
While Art Buro chose to go with the unusual approach of painting the historic walls in this Parisian apartment grey, others have gone more dramatic and painted the detailed millwork a beautiful black but most have used white to keep the historic charm.


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