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Circular House Design in Maryland – the Contemporary Potomac by McInturff Architects

The extraordinary Potomac House designed by McInturff Architects will have you spinning in circles. Built in an infill neighborhood near the banks of Maryland Potomac River, this modern design pays tribute to traditional homes in its street face, but the really amazing things happen behind the scenes. A rear view of the home reveals a contemporary circular shape that works its way into the surrounding landscape. Enclosed in windows and encircled in terraces, the home’s three storeys overlook a large wooded property accessed by a bridge over water. Inside, the house is about as cool and contemporary as they come. From top to bottom, finishes are light and features are meticulously thought out, creating a picture of perfection, bathed in sunlight via the home’s expansive windows. The piece de resistance is overhead – a spectacular circular skylight that from which the rest of the design seems to radiate. McInturff Architects.



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