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Dream Bathroom Designs by Etrusca

cinderella bathroom design pink etrusca Dream Bathroom Designs by Etrusca
If you dreamed of being Cinderella as a little girl then you’ll love these fairytale-like bathrooms by Etrusca. It’s what we like to call a dream bathroom, but unlike the fairytale these Italian bathroom designs have staying power! That’s not to say they’re neutral – each piece has its subtle nuances, some not so subtle. (Check out the silver-and-pink number – wow!) Each vanity has the same romantic, sculptural silhouette, complemented by gently arched legs. Make your statement by choosing your cabinet color, countertop and sink to set the style in your space. This collection takes you from traditional, to modern, to… whatever you want it to be. The knobs and pulls coordinate with a framed, wall-mounted mirror. Choose your hardware wisely – it can make a real difference in the look you achieve! For luxury, elegance or funky fun, the Cinderella bathrooms offer a style for every taste. Check it out at Etrusca.
cinderella bathroom design pink1 etrusca Dream Bathroom Designs by Etrusca




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