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Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chill 35 from Landscape Forms – a cool way to lounge

Outdoor seating just got cooler with Landscape Form’s Chill 35 Chaise Lounge. Its sculpted form allows you to recline comfortably without feeling exposed, while supporting your back and knees, making it perfect for a power nap in the sun, or a rest with a book. The clean, sleek lines create an almost delicate look to the seating, yet it is sturdy and durable, weighing in at 60 pounds. Chill 35 Chaise Lounge comes in colours of Black, Daisy, Fog, Grass, Melon, Otter, Pine and Sky. The seats are made from polyethylene, which provides exceptional impact, wear, UV and weather resistance. Landscape Forms offers residential and commercial buyers a number of options for outdoor furniture.



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