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Children Modular Seating – Ottomans Fiore by Arconas

Whether you are young or young at heart, these Fiore ottomans by Arconas provide a playful modular seating arrangement for children that are guaranteed to make you smile. Captivatingly colorful and neatly designed in the shape of a flower, it has a raised cylindrical center module that is accompanied by five lower movable petals creating a fun place for children to sit, gather and play. The Fiore seating modules may be custom covered in any type of fabric, vinyl or leather. Most important to mention, but pretty clear from the images, is that this modular furniture is child safe, without any sharp edges. Great for your child’s bedroom or playroom and even appropriate for children’s waiting room or class room – Fiore will brighten them all. Visit Arconas for more information.



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