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Cheerful Porch Decor That Scream Holiday Fun

Not exactly sure what it is about the holidays that brings a “wanting to decorate vibe” but its true! During the holidays more and more people are inclined to decorate their home from the inside out. Maybe it’s the beautiful lights, or the festive color or maybe it’s the fact that children love this time of year and families tend to get together more often. Whatever it may be decorating is all fun and games until you have to decorate your porch, have no idea what to do and nobody wants to help. Thankfully, we have done our research and have put together a guide to help you get inspired to decorate the outside of your home.

Bring a Second tree outside

Add pinecones and bits of color to your outdoor tree to bring a more natural feel that is still aesthetically pleasing and put together.

One of our favorite ways to bring holiday cheer outdoors is to showcase another tree outdoors. Why decorate only one when you can decorate multiple trees? The idea is to have your outdoor space appear just like another living room light up the tree and decorate it just as if you would your indoor one but with different bold colors to create a contrast.

Keep it Symmetrical

A cohesive look is always a great idea when you want to draw attention to a specific part of your porch.

For a cohesive touch ensure you keep both sides of your home symmetrical. Whether you are directly on the porch or adding hanging string lights from your window you want to have both sides mirror each other for a classic staple festive feel.

Light it Up

Do not hesitate to add lights of multiple different sizes and textures to bring a unique touch to the area, instead consider having fixtures added such as lanterns or even an outdoor chandelier.

Whom would we be if you didn’t incorporate a light option?! Take it a step further by having multiple different lights with numerous colors, sizes, and even brightness levels. The idea is to have your lights brighten as much area as possible. For a grand appeal, bring string lights down directly from your roof for a unique bold twist.

Red and Merry

Red is such a powerful color that it simply works well anywhere it is placed, especially during the holiday season, add patches, or even plaid bits to add a charming twist.

The holidays are all about color and that color tends to be red; therefore, take the color and work it into your décor as seamless as you can. Add red bows, hanging ornament or even Santa Clause bits throughout for a festive effect, plus don’t forget the garland.

Greenery and Lanterns

Light the way to the stairs with chic lanterns that give you a romantic almost mystical touch.

While most of us prefer a more bold and festive touch, others want an elegant aesthetic; therefore, bringing greenery to your porch and adding lanterns. The lanterns will brighten the porch especially since the nights are getting longer, and the greenery will bring holiday festivities while still being elegant, it’s a perfect balance.

Add a Christmas Bench

Add a sign behind or in front of your bench for the perfect contrast that screams holiday cheer.

If you don’t already have a bench in your front porch, it is time to get one and bring cozy holiday cheer. Add a cozy blanket, or even a plaid cushion and allow the bench to feel like part of your indoor space when it’s actually sitting outside.

Embrace your Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are so much fun; therefore, embrace them and bring them on as part of your holiday decor. Adding festive wreaths could be exactly what you need to bring that fun appeal.

Nothing screams fall quite like having rocking chairs, they’re a classic, staple for cozy fall weather. Keeping that in mind, you want to decorate around them by adding a table in the center or even pairing a few throw pillows that bring that festive appeal to the area.

Fun Signs

The best aspect about decorating with signs is that you can actually DIY it yourself. Therefore, you can make as many as you would like and paint them any color as well.

Adding signs is a fun way of getting a festive appeal on to your porch in a simple manner. Furthermore, its another form of driving the holiday appeal to your porch décor without taking away from it. The key is having large signs and embracing the power that a sign has.

Hang Pre-lit Garland

Pre-lit garland is the perfect addition to any porch that is missing a little bit of something extra yet needs to be classic and crisp all at once.

A pre-lit garland is an excellent form of bringing lighting while still having additional color and even texture. We love the idea of adding texture to any area of your porch space. Furthermore, add multiple pre-lit garland strands to drive that festive touch to the forth front of your décor.

Winter Wonderland

Adding bits of silver, white and faux snow is the perfect way to bring that classic winter wonderland feel that works beautifully when snow begins to fall.

We doesn’t love a winter wonderland feel to any area? Since it tends to snow in most areas it only makes sense to incorporate beautiful white and silver bits that enhance the porch while the bits of snowfall in the area as well. It will not only look beautiful from the inside but once outside you will feel the need to make a snowman that becomes a part of your family.

How do you decorate your porch? Share with us your decorating ideas below.


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