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Chic, Charming Breakfast Bar Ideas

Breakfast bar – an area in your kitchen that has been designed specifically for breakfast. It’s one of those areas in the home that has a specific duty. The kitchen has always been a social space, it’s where people gather together to enjoy each other’s company and eat. Having a breakfast bar is great for those that want a little area that makes your breakfast feel that much more intimate and space.

Simple Wooden 

If you have the space bring a large piece of wood and make it your breakfast bar. Though simple it will enhance the room’s overall appeal.

Let’s say you have a smaller kitchen and don’t think you have the room to have a full-blown breakfast bar. Here is the solution for you! Bring in a simple, wooden block that almost feels like an extension from your kitchen island. Instead of having a corner space that might consume some of the room, bring in a chic piece of wood that helps create space between your island and your usual decor.

Custom Bar 

For a more custom touch bring your favorite color scheme and allow it to enhance the room in an overall manner.

Sure, the idea of having a custom bar might come with huge dollar signs; however, while it is an investment you can design it as you please. That’s the beauty of having a custom fit you get to create exactly what you want and exactly how it will flow in your home. Furthermore, you can create a unique piece that works in the space you have.

Small addition 

Bring comfortable seating and allow it to be the most genuine area of your kitchen

Having a small kitchen can be a pain, but bringing a small addition to it, could be just what it needs to feel more personal and give you that breakfast bar feels. It’s all about having a separate space that screams intimate seating. For a twist bring unique seating, doing so creates a new appeal that’s modern and fresh.

Coffee Corner 

Bring everything you will use for your coffee and place it in your coffee bar allowing it to be the main focus of your breakfast area. Add a few chairs to complete the look.

Instead of simply having a seating space, create a coffee bar directly in front of your table. Doing so will give you a designated space that feels intimate and creative. It’s the perfect way to bring your favorite morning drink into your decor. Pair with a chic sign that showcases exactly what’s in that area of the kitchen.

Double up Your Island 

Bring as many comfortable chairs as possible to truly make your breakfast bar feel personal and sleek.

The kitchen island has become a staple for many, which is why we believe going big or going home when it comes to having an island. The bigger the island the more room you have to get creative with it. Pair your island with comfortable seats for an added dose of cozy appeal. If you want to go the modern route bring in stools and let them be the focus.

Don’t Forget the Bench 

Bring in comfortable cushions to complete the look. It’s all about being as comfortable as you can.

When in doubt, bring in a comfortable bench and allow it to do its own thing. A simple seating bench can bring your breakfast bar seamlessly without the need for adding too much. It’s all about bringing the most out of the room without needing to go overboard with the decor. Keep your appeal sleep and allow your bench to make that statement, while still being sleek and comforting all at once.

Consider Color 

Bring in as much color as possible to create a contrasting approach.

There is nothing quite as refreshing and fun like adding color to a room. Not only does it brighten the space overall, but it adds a ton of personality. Consider adding a colorful island and having it come to the focus that makes the room feel whole again. Pair with minimal stools and you are all set. A beautiful, colorful touch that feels apart of your decor, but a bit of its personality.

Brighten the Space 

Add a light fixture that makes the room feel as grand as possible is an excellent way to make your breakfast bar the focus of the room

Anywhere you decorate lighting is key. Whether that’s decorating your kitchen, your bathroom or your breakfast bar. Having bold light fixtures is key. You want to add a chandelier or multiple other fixtures that create a cast of light around your bar space. It’s all about creating an intimate appeal to the space you have. When in doubt lower your fixtures to truly make the room have that appealing intimate touch.


Having a view is always the ultimate appeal of a room

Lucky enough to have Windows? Place your breakfast bar directly in front of it and allow your windows to be the main focus of the room. Not only do they give your kitchen and open and airy feel, but it gives you something to look at while you are having breakfast. Pair with minimal stools to complete the minimal look.

Get Minimal 

Keep the seating as minimal and simple as possible for a grand approach that still feels slick to the room

Instead of going all out and over the top bring in a minimal touch. The minimal touch will enhance the room’s appeal without taking away from the decor. It’s all about making the room feel cohesive and sleek yet getting everything out of it. You want to make the room minimal yet cohesive. Keep it sleep and use a simple table for the best outcome.

How do you plan on decorating your breakfast bar? Do you find a use for it? Share with us your ideas below.


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