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Freestanding Soaking Bath from Jason International’ Carrera Collection – bathe in style with hydrotherapy

Already known for its innovations in bathtub design, Jason continues to impress with the Carrera Collection, a new line of fixtures designed by Shawn-Ian Bruce. One such fixture is the CB553P model, an elegant freestanding soaking tub created with form and function in mind. Featuring a warm white matte finish, this tub has the look and feel of natural stone that has been sculpted to fit the human body. At 66”L X 36”W X 30/24”H, it has been designed for a deep soak and can be chosen with or without an overflow feature, so bathers everywhere can soak their worries away. Described by Jason as “Artwork for the Bathroom”, this tub makes a striking statement when incorporated into any bathroom. As a freestanding form, this vessel reads more like a finely crafted sculpture than a traditional utilitarian bathtub. Its lines are strong and impactful, but simple enough so as not to be overwhelming. When alone or combined with Jason’s coordinating lavatory and shower base, this fixture will create a luxurious bathroom experience that will have the neighbors talking. Visit Jason International website for showroom and ordering information.


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