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Bringing a Boring Modern Black and White Interior Scheme to Life

Modern black and white interior color schemes sometimes run the risk of looking boring or outdated and can lack a certain amount of much needed life. Sometimes when looking at a picture of interiors, we like to play a little imaginative game of ‘eliminate the item’ in order to feel its true impact in a space. Even though this is an image of a showroom, it can be easily translated to a modern black and white space of a home. Imagine the space without the M’Afrique chair by Moroso. It becomes a pretty lifeless space – a kind of sterile environment lacking in interest. From this we learn that even in a modern space with an achromatic color scheme, it is important to inject a little pattern, form or texture (even a small bright pop of color) to avoid this monotonous feel, which is exactly what this chair does. Keeping in tone with the basics of the room, the chair is black and white, but it brings with it a funky, whimsical and global style element that brings the space to life. This is a good example of how just one strong statement piece can easily alter the feel of a whole room.
Image via Moroso.



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