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Boldly Colored and Seriously Fun Living Quarters for Students

Students spend an awful lot of their time being serious so when it comes to their down time they need to contrast that with some “seriously fun” relaxation and what better way to do that than surround themselves with bold and colorful decor that just happens to also be “seriously” functional.


LYCS Architecture designed these jazzy student quarters for the Campus Hong Kong, located in the Tsuen Wan District of Hong Kong, China and they like to call their design “Happiness Inside a Small Apartment”. I think they are right!


Even though the design is super fun there is still space to be serious and study, which is remarkable since each room is shared by 4 students and is only about 27sqm or 290sqft.


Because of the tight living and sleeping quarters, the room’s design incorporates half raised bunk beds with a study area underneath.


Each bed has a steel access ladder, a blackout curtain for privacy, a reading lamp and electrical power. It also has a clothes rail, built-in shelving, lockable drawers and a luggage space.


The study area incorporates a built-in desk with a multiple socket USB hub.


Even the ceiling has been jazzed up by painting it with chalkboard paint, this way students can really personalize the space with their own art, graphics or words.


There is a small kitchenette at the back of the apartment but the fridge is not in it, instead the fridge is positioned in the larger study/sleeping zone for ease of access.


A table peninsula juts out from the wall between two of the student zones and 4 bar stools are tucked underneath it until its time to have a snack.


The table lines up with a tiny hall alcove that separates the kitchenette on one side from the small bathroom on the other and at the end of the alcove is the door to the apartment.


Everything a student needs is close at hand but the best part of this apartment is the fun decor from the bright red fridge and wall art to the black and white zigzag curtains and the chalkboard ceiling – fun!


LYCS Architecture.
LYCS Architecture also designed the purr-fectly paw-some desk/cat hangout called CATable


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