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Bio-ethanol Fireplace by Brandoni – Maya

Fireplaces are inviting, warm and cozy – and this bio-ethanol fireplace by Brandoni is no exception. The great thing is though, unlike fires of the past that were a chore to prepare, maintain and keep clean, the Maya is almost maintenance-free. There’s no coal or wood creating ash and dust, this baby is fuelled by bio ethanol, which is clean, smoke-free and environmentally friendly as it gives off low carbon emissions and is manufactured from a sustainable plant-based source. Even if your home is centrally heated, there’s nothing like a real flame to create an atmosphere, especially when it’s chilly outdoors. Another plus point for the Maya – it doesn’t need a chimney. It is self contained so can be positioned wherever you want it to be, and can be moved around at will for maximum effect. With its square pyramid shape, simple controls and iroko wood finish, Brandoni’s Maya fireplace is a stunning example of the genre. For more information visit Brandoni.



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