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Best Color Combinations To Bring Charm To Your Home For 2018

If you have already mastered classic color combinations such as white and blue and/or neutral pieces paired with daring hues, then you may be ready for the best color combinations of 2018 that will not only brighten the space but bring undeniable charm. The following color pairings are just what your home needs to be updated and trendy for 2018.

Turquoise and Marigold

turquoise and marigold Best Color Combinations To Bring Charm To Your Home For 2018
Marigold and turquoise are perfect accent hues if you just want that dose of pop of color. They are two bold hues that create a color block effect that is just gorgeous. Add them together with softer neutrals and metallics to bring a space back to life.

Turquoise and marigold are back on trend in a big way. These colors are a vintage classic that can be paired together or apart to make a big statement. You can use these colors as accent hues or to fill the room for a vintage feel.

Rose and Gray

rose and gray Best Color Combinations To Bring Charm To Your Home For 2018
The beauty of combining these two hues together is their masculine yet feminine aspect. They are simple yet powerful when they are worked into a modern space. Pair with minimal light fixtures to allow the hues to come to life under the minimalist lighting.

A dusty rose hue is sure to remind you of your grandmother’s home, especially the bathroom. Even though it is a vintage color when it is paired with rich shades of gray it becomes trendy and modern. The new pairing will brighten up the space while making it feel current and even one of a kind.

Multiple Hues of Blue

Color blocking with hues of blue does not need to be as heavy as you may think. Instead of using three or more hues that are extremely opposite of each other consider using pastels that are similar in undertone. Doing so brings the decor closer in comparison while still having that color block feel.

Instead of working in multiple different hues of colors consider using numerous shades of blues. Doing so creates color blocking. When using color blocking the key is having bold hues become the main focus while still having similar shades worked in. This works beautifully when you want to create an eclectic aesthetic.

Peach and Black

Peach is a beautiful pairing shade when it is added into neutrals, especially black. Black is the new bold hue to pair with beautiful shades of peach. The peachy hue is an accent  that needs to be paired with darker shades in order to create the brightening effect it is intended to create.

Peach is a huge trend this season because of its versatility, especially when it is paired with shades of black. Peach is one of those colors that is multifaceted therefore, it works for numerous spaces while still offering a charming, feminine appeal. By adding black the color becomes elegant and formal with a twist of chic.

Teal and Copper

Teal and copper have become such a huge trend specifically in the kitchen area. They come together beautifully in the most unique way. The copper helps break up the green that is naturally in teal while the teal brings a vibrancy in the copper hue.

We absolutely love the idea of this color combination, it is fresh, fun and well worth a try when you want to add an upgrade to your home. The mosaic feel of the color teal bounces off of the copper, making it look and feel one of a kind. This combination works exceptionally well in the kitchen, it helps bring personality to the space.

Mint Green and Hot Pink

Pink is such a clean color to use in your home unlike many other pastels and “feminine” hues, this specific shade brings brightness and minimalistic beauty. When it is paired with shades of mint green the shade tends to take a modern twist in a bold way.

The idea of combining mint green and pink has always been a classic color combination, but as a modern twist, the key is using a bright hot pink hue instead.  The bright hot pink shade paired with the mint green softens the hue while providing a contemporary visual.

Bright Red and Vivid Yellow

Bright red shades paired with bright yellow shades is fun and flirty. Its one of those combinations that you normally wouldn’t use yet when it is used it creates a fun retro feel. We love the idea of adding it to your dining space in a minimalist retro manner.

These two hues combined are nothing less than spectacular. They scream contemporary, fun while still having an edge to them. We love having these two hues worked in the kitchen. There is something about the way they are displayed that brings a touch of modern while still being versatile.

Orange and Pink

It is coastal, it is modern, it is fun, and the two work perfectly well together. You may even want to use it outdoors on your porch for a fun touch of color that is still airy and colorful. Use throw pillows to bring vibrancy into the area with the preferred colors. 

Orange has become a décor staple due to its vibrant ability yet when it is paired with pink it becomes a bit mystical. The color pairing brings forth a different vibe that is a bit hippie and uncommon. This is perfect for those that don’t want a common color combination yet have a need to have a versatile color such as orange.

Yellow and Turquoise

The freshness of combining yellow hues and turquoise comes from how bold these two shades appear. Their boldness comes in a contemporary manner where they add a modern aesthetics everywhere.

For a fresh combination of colors that scream summer and spring yet can be versatile enough for fall and winter yellow and turquoise is perfect. These two colors worked in together bring a room to life. They are easy on the eye while still being easy to work with.

Pink and Green

When done correctly green and pink are a perfect combination together. They have a masculine yet feminine feel to them that is undeniable. Consider pairing them with each other and having them become the staple of the room.

This almost classic combination comes back with a bang. Pink and green have always been a good pairing, especially when they are incorporated into simple décor. They brighten a space while the pink hue brings a soft femininity that breaks down the boldness from the stark green aesthetic.

Which of these color combinations are you excited to try in your own home? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments below.



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