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Beach House Decorating Ideas for 2020

There’s something inevitably charming, airy and even appealing about a beach house. It typically happens the moment you step into the home, and feel the salt in the air, that has been perfectly paired with chic patterns and layers that embrace the room. Whether you have a beach house you visit every week during the summer, or you want to transform your home into a year-round beach house oasis. The following ideas will enable you to embrace your space to its full potential and create the perfect beach house aesthetic, that suits you and your style.

A View While Dining

There’s no better way to embrace your view quite like bringing in chairs that are directly sitting in front of the view or surround it fully.

Is there anything more charming about a beach house that has an exceptional view? We think not! Therefore, if you have the view and the space its time to embrace it and add a dining table. But not any dining table, you want to bring a rattan dining table with matching chairs and let the airiness of the material itself make the statement it’s intended to make. Use light linen to complete the look and have that beach vibe.

Retro Chic

If you don’t want to bring in a retro appliance consider a retro bench! Both will get the job done effortlessly without taking over the kitchen aesthetic.

One of the things we love most of a beach house is how retro most of them tend to feel. If you have a beach house already and want to give it a chic retro feel, start with the kitchen. The kitchen is an excellent space to start working on a retro feel, you can add a retro refrigerator, retro stools, or even go for a retro color. Doing so adds a fresh take that instantly makes the room come to life.

Nautical Bits

Add a touch of rattan to your nautical bits to make them come to life in a bold manner that does interfere with your overall decor.

If there is one common factor beach homes have in common, is how much they have nautical bits incorporated. Not only does nautical décor make perfect sense to have in a beach house due to the colors displayed but due to how old and engaging it can be. When using nautical décor, you want to bring as much red, white, and blue patterns as possible for that bold appeal that feels nautical yet fresh.

Large Sectional

Having a large sectional will instantly make a room come to life with a hint of cozy appeal. It’s the perfect way of bringing a focus to your living room while having one bold piece of furniture.

Whether you enjoy going to your beach house with your family or all of your friends, seating is important. You want to be able to seat as many people as possible while bringing them together. To do that you need to have a sectional, but not just a traditional sectional, you want to bring in a larger than life piece. If you don’t want to bring in a large sectional, consider bringing in two or more furniture pieces and combining them for that larger than life appeal.

Patterned Rug

Having a patterned room will instantly make a room brighter but with a sense of cozy. It’s all about having it perfect centered in a your living while making it come to life.

Even though you’re decorating for a beach vibe, bringing a rug can make the room come to life in a cozy manner. Just because a room is meant to be airy and fresh doesn’t mean you can’t have a cozy aspect to it. That is where a bold patterned rug will come into play. The key is bringing in a daring pattern that has some sort of blue hue weaved in. Having a hint of blue will instantly create that charm while still being cozy and having that beach house aesthetic. Weave in décor with the same hues as your rug to bring everything together.

An Array of Heights

Whether you bring two stools of the same character or you use unique ones every time. You want to bring unique heights so the room feels chic.

Regardless of how big or small, your beach house is, adding height to a room comes in multiple different ways. This can be done by working with an array of heights. You want to display your array of heights in a clustered manner so that the height difference is what draws your attention first. Consider using stools, planters, or even coffee tables to brighten the room overall, without taking away from the décor you already have.

Floral Accents

Work with floral cushions and use the same hues throughout the room, especially if you bring in greenery or bits that have a vivid aspect to them.

Even though you’re just working on creating the ultimate beach house, florals are key. Floral décor is perfect for a beach house, due to how charming and feminine it can be. Bring in airy furniture and pair it with floral accents to complete the look. It’s all about the color pairings that you bring in to work with your floral accents. Whether you decide to bring a floral hint on throw pillows, as part of an accent chair or even both, you want to make sure your display feels fresh every time.

Focus on the Porch

If you truly want to go bold with your decor, bring in a swing. It’s all about making the swing the main focus while being fun and chic. The perfect touch to a beach house.

One of the many perks of having a beach house is how much air flows through them. They tend to have a porch, sunroom, and a deck, sometimes all three. Making it perfect for those that love to be outdoors at all times of the day and night. If you have a sunroom or indoor porch you want to take a good luck at it and reinvent every aspect of that room. Bring in summer staples such as wicker furniture, plants, and a smaller coffee table to give you that cozy appeal that makes the room come to life.

White Shiplap

Consider bringing in a shiplap ceiling to fully expand the room and make your ceilings feel taller and fresh.

Shiplap is one of those textured materials that feels airy, and beachy while still adding a cozy element. The material itself has a textured roughness that forces the room to have a cabin-like finish while the white helps expand on the greatness of the room. Work with a bright shade of white to truly give it that open touch while the shiplap panels provide a lived-in feel. The shiplap finish is perfect for those that want to introduce wood to a room without having to use a classic hue.

Breakfast Nook

Add a round table as your main breakfast space to add a modern flair that feel chic every time you look at it. It can also double up as something else that fully showcases the room.

Something is charming and eccentric about having a designated breakfast space. Though you might end up using it for a multitude of things, a breakfast nook with a colorful spin can bring you that hint of beach house your home needs. Bring in mismatched hues, and chairs for that fresh, modern vibe that oozes from that area. Use a rug underneath to cozy it up while still having a vivid aspect to the area.

If you have been thinking of purchasing a beach house, it’s time to do so! Furthermore, take one of these ideas and allow your space to come to life with a hint of coastal. Which of these ideas are you most excited about? Share with us below.


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