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Beach House Decor That Bring Summer To Your Home All Year Round

If you are lucky enough to own a beach house, then you know the best part is decorating the space to bring the beach vibes directly indoor. However, if you are not as fortunate, there’re different ways you can take your home from “ordinary” to beach house galore. Here are a few easy beach house decorating ideas that bring summer directly into your home all year round.

Wicker Dining Table Chairs

If you are not keen on having wicker chairs consider a modern way of utilizing them or you may even want to incorporate a wicker chair or two to your dining table. Doing so could be just what your space needs for an easy beach vibe. Additionally, you may even want to consider colorful wicker chairs for a change in aesthetics in the room.

Nothing screams “beach house” quite like having wicker chairs as part of your dining table. Wicker chairs are well-known for being a big part of the outdoor areas, especially in a beach house. However, this year it is all about bringing wicker chairs directly inside. Pair with bits of blue or patterned cushions for an added dose of summer.

Tile Flooring

The bathroom is one of those places tiles work perfectly due to them being cooling, fun and can create the perfect texture. Furthermore, tiles allow you to get personal with your decor due to you being able to add as many colors as you would like, you can even add a pattern if you choose to do so. 

We love tile flooring for a beach house because of how cooling they typically area. Although, most beach houses tend to have wooden floors, adding in tiles as a contrasting element is perfect for that classic vibe that offers a cooling effect all at once.

Coastal Bar

A coastal bar is great when you want that nautical beach feel but haven’t figured out how to incorporate it. The sleekness of the bar will come in handy while using nautical colors will bring the beach aesthetics full circle.

Every home can make great use of a bar. Not only are they excellent for entertaining, but they add a little extra beach fun to any area of the home, especially when you bring a coastal bar. A coastal bar is perfect due to its simplistic décor. This is where the use of color will come in handy, add a blue bar and pair it with wooden stools for that classic coastal elegance.

Sunroom Fun

The sunroom is perfect for those relaxing summer nights even if you do not own a beach home. The key is making the space feel as beachy and relaxing as possible. Consider mixing shades of neutrals paired with patterns and hues of blue.

The sunroom may seem like an area of a home that is rarely used, but in all actuality when it is decorated properly, it can become a second living room or even a fun seating area. Decorate it with hues of blue, red, white, and/or neutral, you may even want to add nautical patterns.

Serene Wallpaper

A serene wallpaper can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of a room especially if it is placed properly. If you want a unique way to display your wallpaper the ceiling is an excellent way to do so. It creates an expanding effect that is broad and fun.

We love the idea of using wallpaper to create a theme or a specific atmosphere. Select a serene wallpaper with soft pastel hues that add to the allure and charm beach homes are notorious for. Furthermore, select a busy wallpaper that will create a focal point in the room without the needed of added décor.

Take it to the Kitchen

The perfect beachy kitchen involves soft shades of blue, easy light fixtures, and nude bits that include some sort of greenery. The greenery will bring out the natural aspect of a beach house.  Pair with patterned cushion stools to bring your decor together. 

Beach décor is not excluded from the kitchen, in fact, it is one of the best areas to include a beachy essence in. The key is working with a clean slate and color to have an airy feel. Furthermore, the clean slate feel will give off that beach house ambiance.

Beach House Wall Art

With beach wall art the key is working with classic staples that make the space have that classic beach house vibe. Consider using classic hues and textures. This is excellent for a corner you can’t decide what to add or how to decorate the space. A few decor pieces that have a beach vibe could be exactly what you need. 

Having wall art is one of the best ways to add personality and texture in a bold manner. Additionally, they are used to bring your theme on full display. Add beach house wall art with a nautical touch for a seamless feel.

Bleached Oak

Bleached oak flooring is perfect for a beach house inspired kitchen. The lightness of the flooring will bring your decor together in a simple manner. Furthermore, matching your flooring to your other wooden features brings a cohesive feel.

Bleached oak is one of the best flooring options you can use to create a classic beach residence feel. Its light, its airy and it comes together beautifully with numerous different décor options, especially when you add in a rug. The rug will add color and texture while the bleached oak will embrace the space.

Crisp White

White is perfect for a coastal, nautical as it works as a clean slate allowing any colors used to become the main focus. Add wicker pieces or even hints of marble for a contemporary, beach feel. Furthermore, add contemporary light fixtures to bring it all together.

White is always a good idea in a beachy house due to its refreshing feel. The crisp appeal of it will brighten the space and make it feel even larger regardless of how big or small the area might be. Add bits of red and blue to bring in that beach feel. Additionally, consider using neutrals that bring your décor together.

Bring on the Gray

Gray is another excellent shade to use when you want to add color yet want to keep the decor as neutral as possible. Pair shades of gray with pastel blue and/or patterns to bring the coastal beach house feel. 

Beach décor doesn’t essentially always been blue, or nudes instead consider using different shades of gray. Grays are perfect for beach décor because of how versatile the shade can be. Pair with bright hues or even contemporary décor to bring that beach vibe that is easy and adaptable.

Rustic Tone

Rustic, bright shades will break down the blue hues and the white shades that are used. Incorporated them is an excellent way of adding color that stand out and bright your entire decor together.

Rustic hues may not seem .like the colors you may want to use in your home for a beachy vibe due to their autumn feel. However, hints of rustic orange, rich browns, and daring reds can add a contemporary touch to your simplistic beachy décor.

Why only have summer vibes in your beach house, when you can have it as part of your home as well? Please share with us in the comments below which of these ideas you want as part of your home.


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