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Bathroom trends for 2021 that will take your selfcare routine to the next level!

This past year home and self-care have taken a new meaning. Not only are we spending more time at home, but we have all discovered that for us to feel our best, self-care is important. With that being said, most self-care is done in the bathroom. Though we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, many of us do not decorate it much. It’s one of those spaces that are essential but always gets forgotten. So, in the name of that, here are 2021 trends that are here to making your bathroom your new favorite place.

Dark Fixtures

Keep the flooring of your bathroom light to truly give dark fixtures the main focus of the room.

Dark fixtures can create a seamless contrast, that can make any room come to life. When it comes to working with dark shades, consider pairing them with lighter bits that make any room come to life effortlessly. It’s all about creating that bold appeal that makes any room feel grand yet charming and engaging. Work with rich shades of navy, black, brown, and even plums for a bold appeal.

Weave in Lighting

Weave your lighting into the ceiling, mirrors, and underneath the sink to create a glow that beams throughout the room.

One technique that is coming in hot when it comes to light fixtures, is the idea of integrating your lighting throughout your entire space. This means hiding lights underneath or above furniture pieces. It’s about taking your already fabulous space and updating it without missing a beat. When it comes to weaving your lighting, you want to give your furniture a halo appearance for a glow that emits through the entire room.

New Tub

Keep your standalone tub in the center of your bathroom to truly give it that bold approach, that makes the bathroom feel as fresh and new as possible.

If there is one, essential statement piece, every bathroom has, and needs is a new tub. This year it’s not about having any bathtub, it’s all about having an asymmetrical tub that stands alone and makes a statement on its very own while being the main focus of the room. Whether you want to place your new tub in the center of your bathroom or you prefer having it to the side you want your standalone tub to be large enough to take up most of the space effortlessly, without much additional decor needed.

Glassed-in Spaces

Even the smallest bathroom can instantly come to life the moment you add a glass element. It will make the room feel grander as the glass will give the room a seamless touch.

Just like stand-alone tubs are the new IT item to have glassed-in spaces are too. But what are glassed-in spaces? A glassed-in space is simple, cozy, and warm while making the area feel like there is a bold focus. This idea works best with a standing shower and it allows you to encase your shower making your bathroom less likely to get wet and messy. Furthermore, with this idea you can bring in a double shower head, giving you the ability to get water from all angles as you shower.


When in doubt, bring in a teal mosaic touch. Doing so will instantly make your bathroom come to life with color and texture.

If there is one color that is taking over the bathroom scene it is teal. The moody shade is coming in as a statement hue that enables you to work with metals such as brass and gold. It’s all about taking the rich hue and giving it a spotlight. Nevertheless, you want to take the shade and display it most boldly. Whether that is displaying an entire wall with the shade, by painting it, using tiles, or working with a mixture of both, you do want to add a few metal elements to help you embrace the multidimensional aspect of the hue.

Marble Walls

Marble walls can make an entire room come to life. It adds texture and charm by engaging the entire room with a cohesive color palette.

It’s all about going dramatic this year when it comes to your bathroom décor. One way to do just that is by incorporating an entire marble wall into your bathroom. It creates visual contrast, a modern touch, and versatility. Creating versatility comes into play when you want to create a unique look, as marble does come in a multitude of shades including white, black, gold, and even rose gold.

Floating Sink

The smaller your floating sink the bigger the impact it will make consider it the easiest way of engaging your space without going overboard.

Smaller bathrooms may not have the amount of space we would want them to have but we can do a lot with it. One of the things you can do to give your smaller bathroom some dimension is by bringing in a floating sink. Doing so not only frees up space in your bathroom, but it gives an additional element of modernity. It’s all about making the room come to life without taking away from the space and the décor you already have. If you want to go the extra mile, consider having a colorful flooring, sink, it adds texture and appeal all at once.

Mix Metals

Take your dark metals to the next level by having exposed plumping. Not only is it modern but it’s fun and unique

Whether you prefer one metal over another consider mixing two or more metals and have them become the main focus of your bathroom space. With this trend, we’re looking at the idea of having a contrasting approach to the room. It’s all about taking your display and taking it to the next level, do this by blending metals of gold, silver, and rose gold for a daring aesthetic that makes the entire room feel charming and modern.

Natural Wood

With so much minimal décor being on-trend, the bathroom can start to feel a bit sterile and even hotel-like. To create a contrasting approach, this year we are bringing in the trend of natural wood. It’s the idea of having an unfinished approach that creates that engaging feel. Not only does it look way cooler than having traditional white drywalls, but it helps add warmth with a contemporary touch.

Upgrade your Vanity!

When it comes to creating a new vanity bring in color. A colorful vanity can instantly make a room change its appeal.

How long have we all seen the same vanity over and over again? For many of us, we have seen the same vanity replicated numerous times, it’s time to change it. Do so by going the minimal route. Minimal décor is perfect for those that have enough décor in the room and simply want to add a touch of modern. Whether you decide to completely change your vanity or remodel that one you already have, you want to help it simple. Keeping it simple, instantly gives you a fresh new start.

It’s time to change up your bathroom and give it a new look with one of these trends. Which of these ideas are you most interested to try at your home? Share with us your thoughts below.





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