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Bathroom Tile Ideas That Are Sure To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Whether your bathroom is big or small, creating a relaxing space is the key. After all, its the space where you shower, but it’s the room where you get to relax and unwind away from the world. Therefore, creating a personalized space is key. What better way to do that than to bring in a unique display and that can easily be done by adding in tiles. Tiles have been around forever and there is no doubt they aren’t going anywhere. Here are bathroom ideas to inspire your next renovation.

Outdoor Bathroom Tiles

Make your outdoor bathroom feel more indoor-esque by adding glass doors. Not only will it feel more personal but it will give you an added dose of privacy.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor shower, it’s time to embrace it and truly make it come to life. Combine a geometric tile display with ceramic and porcelain to create an upscale vibe that is oh so sleek and almost vacation-like. Having this added shower is great for those that live near the beach or are lucky enough to have a little unique aspect.

Large Hexagon Tiles

Large hexagon tiles are great as they allow you to work other sleek decors as they become the main focus of the room

When you want to add a vintage touch to your bathroom, consider bringing in large hexagon tiles. Not only will these tiles feel vintage, but they add an upscale feel to the bathroom that is still quite relaxing. Furthermore, these tiles work extremely with any decor you might already have.

Penny Tiles

Take your penny tiles to the next level by adding a few patterns throughout it here and there

While penny tiles are small, they are extremely fun and chic. These tiles themselves give the room a fresh feel. There is something about them that just feels almost enchanting. Pair your new tiles with fresh, bold colors and give it that modern freshness a bathroom can make great use of.

Just White

When in doubt, bring it to your walls and blend it with marble, both will create a contrast that is charming, chic and luxurious all at once

There is nothing quite like having an all-white bathroom. Regardless if you enjoy an all-white space or if you simply want something chic that works with any decorating style. Bring in white tiles and allow them to do their thing. They will brighten the room while still be soft enough that they work as a stepping stone towards any decor you already have.

Herringbone Tub

Herringbone tiles are great due to how much texture they add without much work needed from them

Bathroom tiles do not only need to be apart of the flooring or the walls it can also be a part of your tub. Herringbone tiles are perfect for that. Not only are they thicker and bolder but they make a statement that is durable, which makes them perfect for covering the tub area.

Bring in the Black

Bring in black tiles to your bathtub to make the room feel grand. Pair with metallic bits to truly all in love with a modern twist

Just like white tiles are exceptional for the bathroom, black ones are as well. The key is allowing them to be the solid piece of the room. Even though they bring color and even texture. Having them as the main focus allows you to revolve your decor around it.

Mix & Match

Blend your floor tiles with the walls to make the room feel as cohesive and sleek as possible

If you love the idea of tiles in the bathroom but can’t decide which ones to use, use them both! The idea is to mix and match two tiles that might seem as if they don’t work well together but in actuality they do. Work your bolder tiles as part of your walls and allow the flooring tile to be more minimal. Doing it this way works best for those that have a smaller master bath or a smaller bathroom in general.

Shower Tiles

Work in some color for a sleek appeal that is charming yet cohesive all at once

A set of tiles that really don’t get the recognition they should, are shower tiles. They are one of the best tiles to have, as they add texture and personality to your bathroom. Not only that, but they look great, especially if you bring in a colorful touch that truly brightens the room’s appearance.

Colorful Subway Tiles

Pair your subway tiles with other tilings for a colorful approach that makes the room come to life

Now it’s time to talk about color. Anyone who loves decorating knows color is always key. In order to bring a colorful approach to bring in subway tiles. Subway tiles are great due to how versatile they are, without taking away from the decor you already have. Your subway tiles will bring color with little to no texture which is exactly what you want.

Accent Wall

Bring in color for your accent wall in order to work the most color into the room as possible

Create an accent wall with tiles. The key is working with a colorful touch that will make you enhance the room. The beauty of using tiles is that you can literally create any pattern, and even texture you would like with the simple use of different shades of tile. It’s one of the best forms of bringing that accent touch without using paint. Your accent wall can take up the entire room, or a simple area that needs a little touch of something extra.

Do you have tiles in your bathroom? How do you decorate with it? Share with us your favorite forms of decorating with tiles below.


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