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Bathroom Faucets from Valpra – high-class Royal and Posh

Looking for a bathroom faucet with a certain regal flair? You’ll love the Royal and Posh bathroom faucets from Valpra. The Royal is a faucet that holds its own. Standing proudly, the faucet reinterprets a classic into modern terms. Solid, with flat edges and surfaces, the Royal is topped with a neat, square shape. The nozzle ends in this same shape, and the handles also echo the form. Incredibly, the patented ‘smooth mechanism’ allows you to regulate the flow of the water with the force of your fingers, saving over 95% compared to regular mixer taps. The Posh tap brings a touch of star quality to your bathroom. Quite literally, as the handles are actually shaped like 4-pointed stars. Looking more closely, you see that the base of the spout is also shaped like a star! Designed by Marco Piva, these luxury faucets are from Valpra.



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