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Bathroom Design Idea from Jacuzzi – Versa bath

Bathroom design ideas from Jacuzzi with Versa bath
It’s clear that this bathroom design idea from Jacuzzi is for living in, not just for looking at! The centrepiece of the bathroom is, of course, the gorgeous Versa bath which is raised up on a plinth to accentuate its status. The Versa bath is a contemporary whirlpool bath which offers powerful Jacuzzi jets for a hydromassage experience. You can fully recline in the generously sized bath and rest your head on the comfy, contrasting headrests. Lighting plays a key part in this bathroom design; the wall behind the bath reflects the lighting on the opposite wall for a subtle but illuminating effect, and the Hollywood-style mirror with light bulbs all round adds a touch of glamour which is also highly practical. The red wall gives a spicy theme colour which is picked up on all over the bathroom for a unified look. Bright and bold, this welcoming bathroom design is from Jacuzzi.


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