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Customizable Bathroom by Axor Hansgrohe – new Bouroullec collection

If you’re looking to customize your bathroom, look no further! This cool bathroom by Axor blends smart design with a modern aesthetic and a never-before-seen level of customization that you’ll really love. The new Bouroullec collection isn’t about rigidity. Quite the contrary, Bouroullec is about freedom that lets you tailor your bathroom to suit your individual needs and wants. This collection of over 70 pieces includes mixers, washbasins, shelving and accessories, bathtub and shower, all customizable as you see fit. For example, this innovative “terraced” design incorporates the washbasin, faucet and handles your way. You decide where they go: place the spout and handles above, on top of and around the washbasin. Integrated shelving lets you store your lotions and potions in a stylish way, easily accessible yet out of the way. A faucet is even incorporated into the shelf for an ultra-functional, ultra-fashionable two-in-one design. You have to see it to fully appreciate the flexibility and style. Check out the Bouroullec bathroom collection, by Axor.



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