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Axor Starck Shower Collection – new modular shower from Hansgrohe

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Axor Starck ShowerCollection presented by Philippe Starck
Presented on April 16th at the Milan Furniture Fair by Philippe Starck and Axor’s Philippe Grohe, this brand-new shower – Axor Starck shower – by global designer brand Hansgrohe is an exciting product aimed at total ‘well-being in the bathroom environment’. A small, perfect square measuring 12 x 12 centimeters is the basic element of the new shower collection developed by Philippe Starck and Axor.
“The Axor Starck ShowerCollection,” said Philippe Starck, “is a complete program, a genuine system consisting of a whole lot of small, square objects that can be combined to form an infinite range of totally flexible solutions. This is what we call Haute Couture for the shower.”
“Shower, thermostat, lighting and speaker modules as well as shelf units conform to the same square shape and the same austere design, as are the control elements such as faucets and mixers. All the modules can be combined freely in any arrangement, and in any number. Used as a free-standing individual solution or combined in a group, whether in a horizontal or vertical arrangement, centered in space or distributed in an asymmetrical design – the result will always be new and highly individual living environments in the bathroom.”
Axor has always been concerned to present approaches which envision a holistic bathroom design, rather than simply individual products. Clean, gleaming, and with strong lines and a square shape, the Axor Starck modular shower goes far beyond the practical.
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Axor Starck Shower Collection is modular

Axor Starck Shower module - a small, perfect square measuring 12 x 12 centimeters


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