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Bathroom bench and stool ideas to enhance tranquility in that room

The bathroom might just be one of the most personal areas of a home, especially if you have a master bath. However, what many tend to forget is that you get to decorate your bathroom any way you would like, particularly if it is spacious. With that being said, having a bench or stool in the bathroom can pretty much be life-changing. It adds a space to sit on but it also adds to your decor. Here are bathroom bench and stool ideas to help give your bathroom additional tranquility.

Rustic Stool

If you already have wood, bring in a richer shade as part of the stool for a sleek approach.

If your bathroom is small, and you just want a hint of Zen to bring in a rustic stool. Rustic typically means made out of wood, which is perfect for those that want a more Zen touch to your decor. There is something about having wood in the bathroom that brings that classic tranquil feel. Furthermore, pair it with a rustic bench to truly make a difference.

Bring it in The Tub

Keep it simple and minimal with a bench in the shower, to truly keep the space as authentic as possible.

Though most of us would consider having a bench on the outside, not many would consider having a bench on the inside. However, we are here to say that having a bench inside of your touch is not only convenient but it’s just as relaxing. Sometimes you wanna sit in the shower and just have a moment, and other times you want to soak up the steam. Ether or you get to do both when you have a bench inside of your shower.

By the Window

Bring in a luxury bench to give your window approach something interesting to look at

Whether you have a large or small, window in your bathroom, take full advantage and place your bench underneath it. It creates a seat while giving you a personal space that you get to sit and relax in. Bring in an upholstered bench to add some personality that makes the room feel sleek with a load of character.


Having a built-in bench enables you to make the room feel open and airy while still being sleek and cohesive

Having a built-in bench might seem like the ultimate convenience, but it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t want to be attached to the idea of having a bench that must always sit there, in the room. If you do want a built-in bench, add it in slowly enough have it can be in the room without feeling as if it consumes the space and your decor. Pair with elegant cushions to complete the look.

For the Vanity

Add a simple stool to truly make the room have a fun effect, especially when it comes to the vanity space.

If you have a vanity in your bathroom take full advantage of it by adding a stool or bench. Doing so will bring comfort and appeal while making the room come to life. It’s also as if you are making the space have a hint more of chic and charm. You can almost say it’s every girl’s dream to have a vanity with a nice soft upholstered chair. Furthermore, it makes getting ready that much easier.

Hidden Storage

Having an ottoman is great for those that want a bit of storage without having to take up too much space.

One of the best things you can get for any room is added storage. Not only does it enable you to bring additional items without having to be in the spotlight, but it forces you to make use of what you already have. It’s a win-win for all when you can have what you need while still adding to your decor.


Ensure your stool is simple to truly embrace the room’s charm

While most people might already think having a bench is a bold moment, sometimes it can be subtle. When it comes to a subtle touch you want to bring in a sleek bench. Place it inside of your tub and allow it to be the main focus of the room but in a subtle manner. Bring in a marble bench or keep it as sleek as you possible. You can always choose a corner bench to make the room feel cohesive.


Go for a light upholster to truly make a statement throughout the room

When it comes to deciding how your stool and bench should be considered an upholstered look. Doing so will allow you to get creative with your decor. You will able to upholster it to your liking allowing you to change it up when you decide to do so. Moreover, you get to go bold with color and pattern as often as you would like.


Don’t go boring when it comes to minimal decor, simply go easy on the idea, ensuring your decor flows throughout

Sometimes you just want a little something that will add to your decor without removing anything, something that is self-sufficient and adds a hint of something. That is where having a minimal touch, comes into play. The idea is to have a touch of simplicity in a modern way. Keep it modern, yet minimal for the perfect appeal that adds just a kiss of character to your bathroom.

Mix and Match

For a sleek approach make your stool and bench come to life overall

Why have one chair when you can have two? Consider having two stools or two benches or either or and allowing them to be scattered around the room. Although this might be a grand contrast, it’s perfect when you can’t decide what you want, but you also don’t want to leave anything out. Furthermore, this enables you to get creative with the stools you have.

Do you have a bench in your bathroom? If so, share with us how do you decorate? Share with us below.


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