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Bathroom Vanity System from Damiani – Dam

The Dam bathroom vanity system has a rustic simplicity that is so hard to find, yet so easy for everyone to appreciate. Functional and beautiful, you can visualise using the charming Damiani for many, many years to come. The stunning natural wood and stone construction transcends trends. A modular vanity system available in a variety of different arrangements, you can pick the combination to suit your bathroom, or indeed, kitchen! If you have plenty of space to fill, you can choose a Dam system with three modular elements, comprised of either shelves or drawers. If you are keen on having a generous sink, the Dam also comes with an extended width sink. The solid structures are available in one of three combinations of wood and stone: beech and Botticino, oak and Persian black stone, walnut and Etna lava stone. Show your respect for the natural world with these long-lasting and eco-friendly installations – the Dam bathroom vanity system from Damiani.



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