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Baltica door fittings – finest European craftsmanship

Baltica, a Lithuanian company in Vilnius, makes these exquisite hand-crafted door fittings in Gothic and Baroque styles that will add luxury to your period-inspired home decor. Shown is one of the latest designs from Baltica, the Aurelia Thumb-latch, in antique bronze, 522mm x 78mm. Baltica door fittings are sandcast from brass or bronze to fit the highest standards of quality. It produces them unlacquered so they will age gracefully over time adding to the rustic look. For example, antique brass and antique bronze finishes will darken over time with exposure to atmosphere and moisture… though they can be gently lighten using a metal polish compound. Baltica architectural fittings can be ordered with a coordinated backplate or just as a door pool, and are available in many finishes. Baltica


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