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Balancing Thai Home With Sophisticated Contrast Between Architectural Styles

Combining the best of European and Asian architectural traditions while at the same time turning them both on their heads, this Thai house by Architectkidd Co. Ltd. seeks to solve issues arising from the landscape surrounding it in high style. The building’s most striking feature is obvious: the main house is set asymmetrically on top of a conglomerate of much more rounded guest quarters, a geometric contrast to the structure below. This arrangement creates a large and functional house with a suitably geometric form without compromising the integrity of the landscape it’s placed on. The elevated main living spaces also provide greater views of their surroundings than a ground-level glass-wall abode would. With guest bedrooms and utility spaces located in the squished lower level, the upper home is opened up for the daily life of its owners. As a whole, it makes an for attractively juxtaposed sight in the Thai countryside.

The structure’s sole entrance sits dramatically under its largest overhang, leading into the ground-floor bubble that differentiates its design from other modern constructions. Inside, the lower floor houses only utilities and guest rooms, with a staircase leading to the principal living spaces upstairs.
The dwelling’s lot is on a subtle hill, one of the reasons that such a distinctive design was chosen. Its organically-shaped lower region fits the crest of the hill with natural grace, allowing a more geometric wing to float above it without interrupting the landscape.
The master bathroom is protected from prying eyes on the more public side of the house by a wall section covered in shingles, though the bedroom next to it has glass walls along with the rest of the box.
Though both sections of the building share similar textures and colors, the materials of each finish are different. The lower, organically-shaped section uses clay tiles sourced locally, whereas the upper section is decorated with traditional wood shingles.
A large deck on one side of the house, where the porch would be if the rectangular volume sat directly on the ground, provides a space for entertaining or relaxing outdoors.

Most of the home’s interior decor is done up in a combination of Sixties and contemporary furniture, finished in calming shades. All brighter colors are darkened or otherwise diluted, with whites turned to cream hues.
The end of the home with a smaller overhang has a deck section at its farthest point, set above the globular bottom story. A step out of the living room brings residents to fresh outdoor breezes.
On the end of the rectangular section that contains the home’s master bedroom and bathroom, angled girders obscure the view inward from afar, masking private spaces without cutting them off completely.
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