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Trends in Backyard Design

The very first thing you may notice from someone’s home is their landscape and/or backyard space. The reason being these areas tend to showcase the beauty of a home from the moment you lay eyes on it. Every year we become bombarded with different trends and your backyard space will not be an exception.

If you are looking to remodel your backyard landscape knowing the latest trends will help you achieve the best cohesive and trendy look throughout your outdoor space. Here are the latest trends in backyard designs that are sure you create the perfect oasis.

Indoor Coming Outdoors

Trends in Backyard Design Trends in Backyard Design
Add a rug onto your backyard décor to make your furniture seem more cozy and personal

One trend that will be very prominent this year when it comes to backyard design is taking the inside of your home outdoors. The idea behind this is to make a seamless transition between the inside of the home to the outside.

We will begin to notice outdoor furniture will become more like the furniture you would include indoors. Therefore, we will begin to see outdoor rugs, ottomans, throw blankets as well as side tables with indoor décor pieces.

Bring on the Pattern

Accent pillows to decorate the outdoor area 900x450 Trends in Backyard Design
Accent pillows with patterns is a great way to add texture and color to your décor

Pattern designs are no longer subject to only indoor décor. It is now becoming part of your backyard décor as well. We are looking at patterns with bold colors for throw pillows. The best part about this trend is the pillows can be interchanged as often as you would like.

Blue is the New Neutral

Consider painting the furniture you already have into a fun shade of blue to brighten up the décor already have

Outdoor furniture and décor tend to come in neutral tones as it is mostly preferred by homeowners. However, this year there will be a change in color scheme as blue will be taking over. In essence, blue is the new neutral when it comes to outdoor décor

A Twist of Vintage

Mosaic tables add personality to the space without needing to add too many pieces

Vintage has become the new modern for interiors and exteriors are not staying behind on this one. The vintage trend is here to stay! Mosaic tables will be all the rave for 2017 and we are absolutely loving it. Mosaic tables and accents will be a huge addition to any backyard design.

Natural is Best

Natural materials such as wood bring in a lively effect to any décor you may already have going on

Just like gardening, natural elements are taking over the trends in 2017. The sleek and modern appeal is out when it comes to backyard design, we are now looking at natural and rustic instead of modern. Wood, rattan, and teak are the natural elements that will be seen all over as the trend to watch when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Floral Appeal

Unique floral pieces are a great way to upgrade your décor and make it trendy for the season

Floral as part of a backyard design is not exactly something new and innovative but this year the trend is taking a bit of a twist. The twist being finding fun ways to incorporate floral in your backyard such as having a flower wall or finding funky floral pieces that would work well.

Minimal Maintenance

Easy is the theme you want when you are decorating your backyard to fit with the new trends

Minimal maintenance is the trend that we have all been waiting for. Consider this the trend that will allow you to have a beautiful backyard without the need of much maintenance as the idea behind it is using plants, furniture and any outdoor décor  feature that does not need constant attention.

Upscale Barbecue Area

Upscale barbecue areas in your backyard make cooking outdoors feel a lot more luxurious

This year barbecue is no longer a small area with a charcoal or gas grill and patio set. Instead, the trend calls for an upscale barbecue area. The trend calls for sophisticated appliances that you would normally only see in the inside of the home.

Consider LED Lighting

LED lighting adds a unique appeal to any outdoor décor

Backyard lighting is nothing new but LED lighting will be all the rave. Integrating lights create a cozy atmosphere for all the surrounding areas of your backyard. However, in order to upgrade the appearance of your backyard change the lighting fixtures to LED bulbs. This will completely change the look of your backyard. Consider LED lighting to be the icing on the cake for 2017 backyard trends.


Adding technology can help add convenience to your décor making it trendy

Technology is everywhere and your backyard will not be an exception to this 2017 trend. Integrating WIFI controls into your backyard stereo system or including WIFI into your LED light fixtures will give your backyard the trendy upgrade it really needs.

Get the best backyard design by following the latest backyard trends for 2017. Let us know below which trend you are most excited to add to your current backyard design.



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