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Asymmetrical Interior Design: Achieving Balance

By using an asymmetrical interior design principle for the kitchen wall, the designers succeeded in achieving balance in this unusual space – one that is highly modern and evokes an enormous amount of interest. The foundations of asymmetrical style include arrangements or designs that are based on avoiding repetition, which is typical of classical or traditional styles. The cut out of the angled kitchen wall is in the wonderful shape of an isosceles triangle and it provides an out of the ordinary view from either side. The look of the wall itself also makes a striking statement in the room. The danger of asymmetry in a room comes about when it is over done. Instead of accomplishing an unusual but pleasing balance, you could end up with a ‘fun-house’ effect. But this kitchen’s asymmetrical design element imparts just the right amount of ‘wow’. Speaking of ‘wow’, did you notice the glorious mosaic tile backsplash?
via Homedit.



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