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Hayon bathroom suite from ArtQuitect Edition by Jaime Hayon – the AQHayonCollection is like no other bathroom suite

The new Hayon bathroom suite from ArtQuitect Edition is where bathroom fixtures become art and the new bathroom culture begins. These unusual sinks, tables and mirrors are all part of the ArtQuitect Edition’s first major collection created by Jaime Hayon, a young but already internationally recognized Spanish designer. The idea behind this suite is “to give the bathroom back the elegance it had in other times, but without sacrificing modernity in the shapes or the functional nature of the pieces.” The mirrors set the elegant trend – they look astonishing as their stylised shapes are reminiscent to Baroque silhouettes. The wooden lackered tables follow with chic look and sophisticated design, in White or Black. The sinks hold most of the unusuality with a built-in lamp or mirror, and are available in bright Yellow, Gold, Platinum, Black and White. In overall, the Hayon bathroom suite is the aesthetics of another time. Price starts from 2,522 British pounds or 4,670 US$ at C.P.Hart. ArtQuitect Edition.



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