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An Old Barn Gets a Modern Conversion in Soglio, Switzerland

This old barn conversion by local architecture firm Ruinelli Associati Architetti takes this peaceful, bucolic setting by storm, though not immediately visible by outward appearances. But beyond its four walls, there is so much more to this farmhouse than meets the eye!
Tucked away in a picturesque rural spot here in Soglio, Switzerland, an area largely covered by farmland and forest, the architects preserved the characteristic charms of the exterior by repurposing traditional materials like the structure’s original stone walls and wood shutters – the perfect complement to these natural surroundings.
The distinctive style of this three-storey barn house extends indoors, where exposed wood beams and concrete walls lend a cozy, cave-like atmosphere.

The interior aesthetic takes on a more modern persona, thanks to an open-concept floor plan that, unlike the classical rooms of more traditional designs, offers an easygoing flow ideal for exploring, entertaining and socializing.
An incredible, all-encompassing fireplace at the center of the living area is an instant focal point to warm up this otherwise cool space.
Large glazed walls provide plenty of natural light, which casts vertical patterns on the walls and floors through the slatted shutters.
Ruinelli Associati Architetti
via Style Park
photo credit: Raymond Meier


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