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Infrared Heat Therapy Rooms from Amerec

Amerec designs therapeutic Infrared Heat Room for sports and therapy usage. The infrared rooms require very little time for preheating and radiate soothing and relaxing heat directly to the body. Infrared heat rooms can be used both for a warm-up for athletes (to relieve muscle stress and provide increased flexibility) as well as for pre-physical therapy and massage therapy warm up. The room radiates heat at wide angles, so the warmth is distributed evenly throughout the space. Each room includes prefabricated wall panels made of Western Red Cedar, an Amerec digital control system, high quality heat proof pre-installed stereo speakers, prefabricated benches and backrests and a frameless glass door. Each heater has a low wattage, low density, stainless steel element for a soft, yet steady and even distribution of heat. Multiple heaters per room are positioned to maximize the heat radiation. All heaters are pre-wired and include a cord for easy electrical plug-in. The Infrared Heat Room is also CSA-US listed “as a complete plug-in room” – for safety and reliability. They are available in 3 different models and sizes, with prices starting at $4,200 US. Amerec


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