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Aluminium Red Garden Bench by La Chance

What a fantastic red they’ve created with this aluminum garden bench by La Chance. Designed by Luca Nichetto, his inspiration was Amelia Earhart, who disappeared flying a red Lockheed Vega 5B. The slender bench is shaped to resemble the wings of her plane.The bench is created with aluminum honeycomb, lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the elements. (Aluminum, of course, does not rust.) And it was designed as “a small urban living room” according to Nichetto, who wanted people to be able to face each other while they talked, and not have to turn their heads sideways. It’s an updated version of the Tete A Tete seat – made for conversation (Tete a Tete meaning Head to Head in French). This glossy cherry red is such a vibrant color, it will become the focus of your outdoor space wherever you put it. It would look great on a porch, in a garden, or out in the yard. Wherever it lands, it’s sure to create a sensation – just like Amelia did.

This garden bench is made for conversation and seats up to five.
More information: La Chance


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