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Adaptable Shelving – Fishbone by B-Line

Adaptable shelving – it sounds almost poetic as it gives a warm feeling that all is going to be OK and that shelf WILL fit into your small space. And the new Fishbone shelving by B-Line will. B-Line is known for their unusual, innovative bookshelves, and the Fishbone line is no exception. Described as adaptable, it is, of course, modular and configurable. As you can see on the images below, this shelving system can adapt to your space by utilizing multitudes of configurations. Fishbone can serve as a library shelf, a wall-mount storage or just as a decorative piece. A design collaboration between B-Line and Studio Favaretto & Partners, it’s made of plywood and bent steel plates. It allows for different compositions and can grow both vertically and horizontally. Multiple colors for metal plates and multiple finishes for wood are available.
More information: B-Line.

adaptable shelving fishbone bline 1 thumb 630xauto 52880 Adaptable Shelving   Fishbone by B Line
adaptable shelving fishbone bline 2 thumb autox876 52882 Adaptable Shelving   Fishbone by B Line



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