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Accidental Minimal Home Springs From Barcelona Barbecue

accidental home springs from barcelona barbecue 1 full angle view thumb 630x411 18833 Accidental Minimal Home Springs From Barcelona Barbecue

This home, designed by Spanish firm Pepe Gascon Arquitecture for a plot on the hilly outskirts of Barcelona, was never actually meant to be a residence. Its original plans were for a simply barbecue platform, a place for its elderly landowners to go for gatherings with family members. However, as time went on, small additions were made, starting with a bathroom. Soon, a house started to form in the owners’ and architect’s minds, and an official plan was introduced for a modest, minimal home dedicated to the art of barbecue. Featuring simple materials and fiendishly clever, but cost-effective, design elements, this compact home is quite well-done for an unintentional project. It’s not unusable, either, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and living space.

accidental home springs from barcelona barbecue 2 left side view thumb 630x414 18835 Accidental Minimal Home Springs From Barcelona Barbecue

The original space of the dwelling was this barbecue platform, meant to host the owners’ family and friends. The house that grew from it was unintentional, but well thought out. It contains traditional indoor cooking spaces of its own so as not to be impractical as a full-time living place.


The two principal materials used in the architecture are concrete and this sandy commercial-use brick, both of which have a down-to-earth humility about them, lending the home an unpretentious atmosphere.


An interior hallway leads all the way outside from the living room to one end of the residence. It’s open in the photoshoot, but it’s not entirely clear whether the space is meant to be covered by a window.


An uninterrupted rectangular footprint for the dwelling is preserved by the addition of a concrete sidewalk at the rear stemming from its offset exit. This walk runs parallel to the home’s interior hallway.


At the time of the photoshoot, the building had not yet been furnished, so this bedroom is indistinguishable from any other room. However, all industrial material choices you see are finalized, and will be the long-term finishes of the home’s walls, ceilings, and floors.


As for the openness of interior spaces, the roof’s slope is most evident in the home’s only hallway, transitioning from room-height spaces for one section to small doorways on the back.


For such a compact home, there are more exits than one would expect. The main hallway alone has two doors to the outside, as does the living room.


The largest room of the house by a wide margin is its living room, which opens out onto the barbecue deck. The living room has two glass walls, providing views out into the yard and the Spanish hillside beyond.


Pepe Gascon Aquitectura



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