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4200sqft Home Designed around Cooking and Views

4200sqft home designed around cooking views 1 kitchen thumb 630xauto 40613 4200sqft Home Designed around Cooking and Views

When the client approached Kaplan Architects, she originally wanted her home in Redwood City California, USA, to be renovated into a an open concept plan that revolved around the kitchen and the ability to host large gatherings. The architects advised their client that the original home was structurally failing and the costs to bring the home to a safe standard would be too prohibitive. With that in mind the client agreed to deconstruct the home and donate all salvageable building materials to nonprofit agencies and build her new Jones Residence on the same site as the original.

4200sqft home designed around cooking views 2 yard thumb 630xauto 40615 4200sqft Home Designed around Cooking and Views

The site the Jones residence is located on is a wooded lot on the San Francisco Peninsula and although the trees surrounding the new home provide quite a bit of shade, it was important to the client – who is a serious cook – that edible plantings where incorporated into the design of the landscape, allowing her the ability to grow and use fresh food in her gourmet meals.


The new Jones residence located the social zone at the same elevation as the previous building, allowing the views of the valley and bay to permeate the inner volume. The lower level contains the secondary bedrooms and family room and is projected out from the upper profile, creating a large terrace above, perfect for outdoor lounging.


Exterior cedar siding in a clear finish is used on the exterior to blend with the natural landscape that surrounds the home and large decks and terraces on three sides of the home create a natural flow for both indoor and outdoor living.


When it rains, all the water is collected from the roof and sub drainage into a storm water collection basin. When the basin is full it spills out into a man made dry creek that then channels the water into a storm drainage retention on the lowest section of the site where it can slowly disperse naturally. This keeps the water out of the city storm drain system and is one of the reasons the home has achieved a Greenpoint rating of 82.


The main entrance to the home is arrived at via a wood walkway with a powder coated rail system.


Once inside the home, the private element of the facade is replaced with an open floor plan that is exposed to the panoramic views of the San Francisco valley and bay. A series of exposed beams allow the complete social zone to flow as one large space focused not just on the views but also on the chef’s kitchen.


The kitchen is an “L” shape with a large island centred in the void. There are doors to decks on both walls of the kitchen with one of the decks holding a second outdoor kitchen.


With granite counters and stainless steel cabinetry encased in natural wood cabinets this kitchen is stunning. Layered into the visual feast are top of the line appliances and of course the views. This is a kitchen that any cook would love to work in.


The large open concept social zone means the homeowner will have no problem hosting large gatherings and with the deep and long terrace just outside the wall of windows, guests can enjoy both the indoor and outdoor venues.


The size of the terrace lends itself to more then one lounging area – perfect for large groups of people.


A stairwell leading downstairs is centrally located on this level with the TV room and Master Suite positioned just past the stairwell.


The TV room is a quiet space that brings the wood of the cabinetry up onto the ceiling.


Here, too, the room opens up to a terrace.


While the Master Suite is on the main level, secondary bedrooms are downstairs and the centrally located stairwell leads down to them as well as to a large family area. The solid wood planks used for the treads in this staircase continue the wood aesthetic used throughout the home.


A central stringer supports the open riser staircase and while the treads feature an organic element, the balustrade is a perfectly positioned industrial display.


The stairs lead to the family room while the secondary bedrooms are located down a hall behind the stairs.


A bar with its own kitchen is the feature of this room, as is the amazing cabinetry.


While the Jones residence is mostly neutral in design, a powder room brings in bold splashes of red within the choice of tiles and artwork.


Another bathroom introduces a soft blue tile stripe that runds from the vanity over the toilet and around the tub zone.


The tub zone highlights 3 inset shelving voids with the same blue tiles.


A third bathroom repeats the same blue and white tiles as well as the ebony cabinetry and 12″x24″ grey tiles on the floor. While this bathroom has one sink, the other similar bathroom featured two.


The ensuite in the Master Suite also features a blue stripe of tiles but these blue tiles are interspersed with white ones and while the other two bathrooms had white walls, this one brings the grey tiles of the floor up onto the walls.


Other differences in the ensuite are the wall mounted faucets, the heated towel rack and of course the larger size of the room.
Kaplan Architects
Photography by Ali Atri



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