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1940s Texan Home has Restored Facade and Contemporary Details

Restoring this 1940s Austin, Texas home first required dismantling the previous renovation done in the 1980s. This included removing a large fenced in back yard pool, a number of small brick terraces, an over sized fireplace and a an addition that consisted of multiple small and dark rooms. Since this home is located in a historic neighborhood, the main focus for Miro Rivera Architects was to restore the exterior facade to its original detail while at the same time exposing the interior spaces to sunlight and backyard vistas. The final result even offers a spectacular view from this over the garage guest bedroom. Keeping this room cozy and warm was as easy as wrapping it in dark woods, creating a slanted headboard and designing a bump out to hold a TV. Its as though guests are visiting a tree house rather then their own private space above a garage.

The original backyard held an over sized pool surrounded by security fencing located in the center of the yard. The new lap pool is offset to the side directly in front of the den and its new sliding glass doors. The linear aspect of the pool is offset by the large tree and the stunning Sol LeWitt sculpture. The 3 focal points create a balance to the yard that creates a rhythmic harmony and all are clearly visible through the generous use of Kolbe & Kolbe windows.
A deck of concrete pavers wraps the back of the home to create a hardscape easy to entertain on and outdoor entertaining is made easy by the multiple access points on the mostly glass rear facade of this Texan home. It is hard to believe that before the renovation, the views to the backyard where only visible through small, thick mullioned windows. The views where further reduced by a heavy fireplace that has since been removed.
While the backyard is an open, airy, contemporary space – the front yard stays true to its heritage. The 1940s typical facade has been brought back to its former symmetrical glory in keeping with the historical neighborhood it resides in. Subtle contemporary design has been added with the addition of lights by Bega creating a warm glow to the landscape.
While the facade is true to its original design aesthetic, the rest of the home adds in the contemporary design details that make modern living so special. Concrete pavers, white walls and wood floors and ceilings are modern features that compliment the more traditional features of the home such as the coffered ceilings in the living space seen just beyond the sliding doors by Quantum.
The combination of vintage key holes and dark wood paneling keep the heritage of the building alive while the addition of the Toto toilet and other fixtures allow for a modern lifestyle.
The bathroom fixtures and accessories are by Duravit, Grohe, Lacava, and Waterworks and they all compliment the warmth of the wood by both their soft curves and their crisp lines. The his and her sinks are separated by a bump out that houses a TV – perfect for watching during a long, leisurely bath.
Another bathroom in the home also features a floating tub positioned with a backdrop of a vertical marble slab that doubles as a privacy screen for the large walk in shower behind. The incredible ceiling details frame the tub, while strategically placed pot lights keep the room lit after the sun goes down. Toilets by Toto, bathroom fixtures and accessories by Duravit, Grohe, Lacava, and Waterworks.
Architectural design by Miro Rivera Architects


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