Ultra-modern Park Bench by Landscapeforms - Stay


Gone are the old nostalgic park benches, and in come the new generation to populate the city's landscape. 'Stay' by Landscapeforms is from the 35 collection and is a perfect example of this new vision for outdoor furniture. Despite its sleek metal finish, the 'Stay' bench is nevertheless designed to blend in with nature through its natural form, as it appears to be growing from the ground like a blooming flower or branches of a tree. The arcked seating and backrest offer comfortable support, while the optional seat dividers discourage the loitering of sleepers and keep skateboarders from using it as a prop. It comes in a variety of colors of powdercoat finish, which is hard but flexible and quite resistant to rusting, chipping, peeling and fading - a necessity when faced with ever-changing harsh outdoor conditions. There is also the option of having it backed or backless, embedded into the pavement or surface mounted. But despite its practical characteristics, the bench's modern appeal is what creates notice and appreciation. As far as park bench designs go, 'Stay' is as sexy as they come.



Posted on 09-10-08 in Ultra Modern Outdoor Furniture.


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