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German Contemporary House on Top of the Hill

An Der Achalm is a contemporary house located in Reutlingen, Germany. Designed by Alexander Brenner Architects, the home is on a steep, south-facing site with panoramic views of the valley and corresponding northern slopes on the other side. Designed specifically to make the most of the panoramic views, An Der Achalm, makes no grand statements, but instead works within the topography of the site, preferring its park like setting and views to be the focus of attention rather than the architecture itself.
The beautifully landscaped garden comes complete with a minimalist and very abstract sculpture made from stainless steel and set into a concrete base.

A switch back access road was embedded into the site, curving gently up the slope before arriving at a paved driveway that doubles as a large piazza.
The well-tended landscape creates the affect of traveling through a park when walking up the access road.
The curvaceous access road narrows down and continues around the home traversing the slope, before arriving at the 2nd level, which is at ground level on the north side.
The north east corner is where the guest bedroom’s ensuite is located and a large soaker tub enjoys a view out the corner window.
A terrace off of the west side connects to the north garden while slow steps that connect it to the south terrace.
This upper terrace comes complete with an outdoor fire built in to the wall of the house, beneath a large roof overhang. This terrace section is connected to the home’s spa.
The south terrace and adjoining swimming pool are positioned between the house and the Piazza.
Access to the pool terrace is through a quiet reading area that is connected to the living room next to it.
The living room accesses the south terrace through a sliding wall of glazings.
A modern fireplace next to the glazings defines a more intimate zone.
Behind the living room is a hall which connects to the dining and kitchen areas in the western section of the house.
The double volume hallway is lined with storage cabinets and culminates in a curvaceous stairwell leading to a mezzanine that creates a single storey section to the hall.
A single comfortable seat and cantilevered side table in the hall offers a place to rest.
Upstairs is where are the private rooms are located, including the spa.
Alexander Brenner Architects
Photography by Zooey Braun
Designing a home to make the most of its natural surroundings and views may not produce the most exciting design but does allow the homeowners the best a home can offer when it comes to connectivity with the outdoors. This mountain glass and steel home was so sensitive to its surroundings that it was even designed around a glacial erratic rock.


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