Cool Modern Lighting - customizable lighting system design by Lumina Italy


The Pearl is the latest cool modern lighting by Lumina Italy, and it’s shedding some new, super-sleek light on style for the home. This customizable lighting system design is inspired by, and named after, the pearl. This cool collection of ceiling- and wall-mounted lamps features simple spheres of light, suspended and dangling on barely-there cables. Arrange this customizable collection individually, or in a cluster of heavenly bodies high above your foyer, suspended in succession above the stairway, end-to-end in the hallway, or anywhere in the home for a unique, unusual look. This ultra-modern lighting system design is by E. Cimini and W. Monici. For more information, visit Lumina Italy.


28 Sep 2009 | Lighting |

Ultra Modern USB Lamp - I-Lumex LED lamp for your PC


Shed some cool light on contemporary style with the I-Lumex ultra-modern lamp that comes with its own USB port. Created by designer Denis Santachiara for Italian company Antonangeli Illuminazione, this LED lamp is the perfect complement to your PC. Made of soft, tactile silicone in red, lavender, graphite and white hues, these versatile, multifunctional and user-friendly lamps are fully flexible and adjustable, literally bending over backwards to meet your lighting needs. The low-power consumption and high light output of the LED light combine to deliver 50,000 hours of illumination. Check out this ultra-modern USB lamp at Antonangeli Illuminazione.


12 Mar 2009 | Lighting |

Modern Neon Lamps by Roger Borg


Roger Borg presents a new concept in lighting with these Modern Neon Lamps. The basic idea is that instead of hiding the lighting source, the lamp itself becomes the light source. This being said, the only thing Roger Borg had to concentrate upon was the design. And he did a wonderful work creating a number of special free-standing neon lamps. The Six Column Merge Design and the Oval Crush both have a clear, white light. Seeming to be in a continuous movement, these two could easy dynamise any interior space. The Bulge Lamp, as the name suggests it, has an impressive appearance with its middle part looking slightly heavier than the two ends. No room could possibly be complete without a splash of color, would it? Here's why the Color Stack neon lamp was designed. Assembled of superposed colored neon components, it makes an excellent visual impact. Any of these Modern Neon Lamps by Roger Borg can be a unique feature in your modern space.


14 Feb 2009 | Lighting |

Ultra Modern Suspension Lamp for kitchen island - Coral Pendant by Dna-Plus


Get enlightened by style-savvy Dna-Plus, and their new ultra modern suspension lamp for the kitchen - the Coral Pendant lamp. A certain centerpiece in your culinary space, the cool suspension lamp is the perfect contemporary finish to your modern decor. Designed as above-counter and kitchen island lighting, this lamp can go anywhere – just use your creativity and your own design ideas to create a unique look in the kitchen. It will make a statement with its distinctive angled shape and bright coral-red coloring, which stands out next to the sleek, urban look of metal. The Coral lamp is made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel, and features a fully integrated power supply and fully insulated electrical, and boasts a high-power LED that delivers 50,000 hours of illumination. For more information visit Dna-Plus.


31 Jan 2009 | Lighting |

Small Glass Table Lamp by Vivarini - Bubbles in Murano Glass


A wonderfully unusual table lamp from Vivarini, the Bubbles is made in Murano glass. Neat and compact, the semi-circular dome of glass will look at home anywhere in the home. A round light on a black stalk resembling a microphone is embedded within the dome, the lead trailing off with a handy switch operation. Small and unobtrusive, Bubbles lamps are nonetheless eye-catching – a simple piece of decor to show your subtle good taste. The table lamps will accent your home and brighten up a dark corner. Tasteful contemporary Italian style – the Bubbles lamp is by Vivarini.

If you like Bubbles you are sure to adore the fabulous Microcosmo table lamp in Murano glass!

3 Dec 2008 | Lighting |

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