Walkover Lighting - Garden Pavement Lights by Serralunga

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See and show your garden in a completely different light, with this walkover lighting from illumination innovator Serralunga. Designer Roberto Paoli was inspired by Michael Jackson's music video for Billy Jean (where his dance moves coincide with the lighted floor), and thus Jacko Steps were born. These funky, fun garden pavement lights come in a string of five, which you can arrange in any pattern - as a single illuminated border surrounding your flower beds and plantings, or as an illuminated pathway three "stones" deep. This modern garden walkover lighting will transform any garden into an illuminated oasis. Check out Jacko Steps at the Serralunga showroom at Milan Design Week 2011, April 12 to 17. For more information visit Serralunga.




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Posted on March 27, 2011 4:25 PM
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