Simple Studio Home Design: Artist's Space in Denmark

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This simple studio home design by Danish architecture firm Norm Architecture is all about minimalist living to the max. This live work home was converted from the original workers' house here in Denmark into an inspiring artist's workspace, incorporating and highlighting the structure's original elements like brick walls, concrete floors and exposed steel beams. Typical of Nordic architecture (and one of the reasons we love this home so much!), minimalist interiors are cool, clean and contemporary - and most importantly, with purpose. The white walls and epoxy-treated concrete floors not only add to the home's simple style, but they successfully deal with the "dark and dingy" issue by bouncing what is available by way of natural light around the space.






The Humlebaek House by is where sleek meets rough and calmness prevails. The contrast is sublime. Modern, smooth and streamlined objects and finishes play with other raw and rustic items and everything remains serene thanks to the muted color palette. Almost fully achromatic and neutral, minus some pops of color injected by art, this home has a feeling typical of Swedish design - minimal and functional where beauty and strength grow from simplicity. Loving the presence of those black spherical pendants. Do you?
Norm Architects.





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Posted on March 13, 2012 11:11 PM
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