Fresh Living Room Idea by Jennifer Jansch

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This living room idea is defined by its fresh and eclectic vibe. It has a certain unconventional elegance too that we admire. This living room belongs to Swedish stylist, Jennifer Jansch. Her stylish eye becomes quite apparent even with just this example. But a room like this doesn't happen overnight. She has collected things she loves and has put them together, slowly but surely, over time. Just goes to show how patiently trusting a process to happen naturally pays off big time. The soft yet lively color scheme is really lovely and is responsible for making this room so fresh and unique - that and those amazing windows! The choice or collection of furnishings give the space an eclectic feel that contrasts the classical features of the living room's structure - which makes the space quite dynamic. In case you are wondering, the amazing modular Carmo sofa is from BoConcept.
via The D Pages.


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Posted on February 29, 2012 11:17 PM
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