Weird and "Wonderland" Log Cabin House

We love the two extremes of this unusual log home in Northern Italy. On one hand, it looks like a carefully arranged pile of logs, while on the other hand a modern, glazed cube cuts out from the stack, revealing a hidden home. Located in South Tyrol, this rustic house design takes the concept of a "log home" to a literal level. The home is designed and lived-in by Armin Blasbicler, who from childhood always thought to design a house inspired by musls - the log stacks stockpiled in local fields. What we have here is a house that blends almost entirely into its surroundings. But step inside and you're in for a surprise or two!


On entry, an interesting, colorful front door lures outsiders in, featuring a palette of nature's various hues. Inside, it casts a sun-lit rainbow across the floor.


And check out this doorway! Hello, Alice? White rabbit?? All we can say is, "Wow!"


Leading up, these awesome stairs feature semi-transparent glass panels.


This living room inspires a warm, cozy feeling. Rustic wood walls and floors abut a wall featuring a fireplace and wood storage. And overhead, doors. No, we're not acting out Alice in Wonderland here. Although this amazing house is certainly something straight from a storybook!

The bathroom boasts a translucent wall highlighting the stacked logs outside. Whole logs line the ceiling, leading your eye to this ultra-modern aqua signage mounted to a partial wall.
Cordwood and clocks are sandwiched between glass.

Wood is definitely the star of the show here, right down to the detail!


Armin Blasbicler Studio

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Posted on January 29, 2013 6:51 PM in Wood Homes


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