Passive House Plans – Swedish Eco Home

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As far as passive house plans go, this one by Swedish architects Kjellgren Kaminsky just makes sense. People and household appliances exert lots of energy. Rather than having it go up in smoke, so to speak, this eco house design uses it. In fact, the annual energy consumption for heating this sustainable architectural design is estimated at just 25 kWh/m2. This passive solar home also boasts roof-mounted solar panels, is made from sustainable materials, and because it’s a prefabricated timber house, it has a lesser impact on its environment. Well-insulated to keep the heat in, this house features a Swedish aesthetic – a wood-clad cabin style home, but with a twist. The circular design eliminates cold spots and created a connected, communal environment. The winding design culminates on the rooftop deck overlooking the lake. Kjellgren Kaminsky
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Posted on June 23, 2011 7:39 AM
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