Eco Chic Home Design: Amazing Finland Cabin!

Finnish architects Avanto Architects got back to their roots when designing this eco chic home design right in their own backyard. Dubbed the “4 Corners House,” it features four views, each through a floor to ceiling glass wall. In the true tradition of Nordic architecture, this small house design is simplicity at its finest. A straightforward facade, dark and dramatic, is a stunning contrast to both the home’s snowy surroundings and to its bright-white minimalist interiors, clad in wood with a cool but distinctly “warm” aesthetic. Hot, in fact, thanks to the charming fireplace features in the living room and of course, the bedroom. Another great eco feature, this passive solar home operates off the grid and, further strengthening its connection of nature and reinforcing its principles of minimalism, it makes minimal impact on its environment. Avanto Architects
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photo credit: Kuvio / Anders Portman & Martin Sommerschield

(from the Editor: for nature lovers, this design is a killer, with its gorgeous simplicity and amazing views from every angle ...)









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Posted on October 13, 2011 11:16 PM in Sustainable Homes


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