Concrete Prefab House - contemporary design in Switzerland, filled with popular modern furniture

Located outside of Zurich in Eglisau, Switzerland, this concrete prefab house was designed by architect Felix Oesch for a young, forward-thinking and discerning family of an urban planner, an industrial designer, and their 14-month-old daughter. This concrete prefab delivers exactly what the clients wanted – modern, minimal design and clean, contemporary living. The prefab is built on a plot of land that slopes from the road on one side down to a lush river valley on the other. In order to minimize street noise and maximize the breathtaking views of the Rhine River, the architect designed the house so its front facade opens to the green river valley, while backing out onto the road. A set of stairs leads you from the rear parking area down to a heavy wooden door, which opens to reveal a grand kitchen, living and dining area of timber and concrete that the architect describes as “a strange kind of church.” This modern house is indeed a religious experience for lover of modern architecture and innovative design. A partially covered deck provides a wonderful outdoor eatery for the family, rain or shine. Continue down to the home’s lower level, where a second living room, bedrooms and an intriguing bathroom – a “mirror-image” design in a long, linear space featuring two toilets, two sinks and two showers with a long rectangular clerestory window – offer added privacy. Felix Oesch
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Posted on April 2, 2009 10:26 PM in Prefab Homes


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