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Swarm Lamp by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau


Like a light-bug shining from the grass, the Swarm lamp looks so organic as if nature had designed it itself. The genius of this lamps designed by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau lies in its ability to attain suspended motion, a wingless fly hovering between the floor and the ceiling. The Scandinavian touch is given by the use of wood, together with glass and metal. The wood looks heavy and it could but the design out of balance, only it doesn't thanks to the harmony of the design. At the other end we find these intricate Bulbrite specialty bulbs that reveal a sculptured pattern of entwined filament and which emanate a warm and sophisticated light. The lamp can be positioned at different angles and thus adapted to different individual styles. It can be used as a single light or as a bunch. It is sold as one, three of five pieces thus giving the possibility of creating various installations. Thanks to its graceful design, Swarm fits well in any environment, from office to commercial and residential. The simplicity of the design plus the value of the woodcraft make this lamp a timeless piece.
via Deconiche.