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Suspended Lighting Fixtures – unusual 'Bubble' by Lindsey Adelman

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These unusual suspended lighting fixtures by Lindsey Adelman Studio shift the focus of your rooms from what’s below eye-level to overhead. The Bubble pendant lighting is so different; each fixture features multiple glass globes encircling a bulb, and attached to the main structure by a bough. These layered-light “bubbles” make a stunning focal point, whether lit or not. These innovative, artistic chandeliers and pendants also come in one-bulb options, and everything in between (custom dimensions available). Simply put, this suspended lighting is art! The fixtures come in different looks like clear, opaque, colored and gold-foiled, to take your rooms from ultra-contemporary to elegantly chic. Check them out by clicking on Lindsey Adelman Studio.






Posted in Ceiling Lamps on December 22, 2010 11:31 PM

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  • Views: 44

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