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Quartz Sinks from Giquadro - Quadro, Flat Line


If you are looking for a statement sink in a splendid material, look no further than these Quartz Sinks from Giquadro. Luxurious quartz sinks are made from 93% quartz that is specially processed into a composite suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. You can choose from the Quadro basin series, or the Flat line series: both are linear, minimal designs for the modern home featuring a simple seam in the stone for water to drain down. The Quadro projects from the wall on stainless steel brackets hidden from view – giving an imposing, solid look. The Flat Line is indeed, almost flat, with the bottom of the vessel being sunk only 1 cm. Hard, durable and glamorous… quartz is a logical choice for the discerning decorator. Contact Giquadro to find out more about their smart stone sinks: Quadro and Flat Line.