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Modern Retro Sofas by Sophisticated Living


If you are looking for a modern sofa that flickers with a hint of retro elegance for a resulting timeless piece, you may fall in love with one from Sophisticated Living. Their sofa designs are confident and fresh, ranking high on quality and comfort. Many of the sofas are modular, meaning they can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit your specific space perfectly. Sophisticated Living also promotes your personal creativity even further by offering custom-made services so that you may essentially design the sofa of your dreams. Although, if we could have our pick right now, we'd definitely take "Peahi" - their newest addition to the sofa collection, as displayed in the photo above. Inspired by the initial rays of springtime sun, this highly inviting sofa is fun and original with captivatingly colorful fabrics and patterns. Be sure to stop by Sophisticated Living to learn more about their modern retro sofas and see their full range of fabulous products.