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Modern Crystal Lighting - crystal lamps Ola by Masiero


These Ola modern crystal lamps by Italian company Masiero will illuminate you to a world of chic design possibilities. An instant centerpiece in the foyer, living room, dining room or study, this modern crystal lighting brings elegance to any room. Softly colored crystal clusters cascade down from these stylish ceiling- or wall-mounted fixtures, and styles are also available in floor lamps and table lamps. Delicately hued crystal drops of white, blue, amethyst and smoky shades are cool, calm and collected. For a warmer look, the pink, amber and orange crystal lamps make a luxurious statement. Select matching lighting designs to complement your decor, or mix and match colors and styles for a stunning look. Whether you’re preferences lie in the contemporary domain, or you tend toward the traditional, the Ola collection is sure to appeal. Check out this crystal lighting at Masiero.